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Tintilinić stores - more than 20 years with you! Everything you need from equipment for babies and children is in one place. In a wide range of products, you can find: strollers, cribs, feeders, car seats, toys, clothes for babies and children, nurseries, a complete program for baby safety and many other products.

World renowned brands such as Peg Perego, NUK, Carters, OshKosh, Bruder, Bubchen, Tigex and many others. From the very beginning, the company strives to meet the needs of its customers with an assortment of top quality goods as well as quality service from the sales staff.


After 60 years of making baby strollers, car seats, feeders, and small vehicles for children, the Peg Perego family has become famous for the design and manufacture of baby strollers and battery-powered cars that meet all the needs of users. All production processes use the latest advanced technology that complies with international safety standards.

Peg Perego is proud of its long-standing manufacturing tradition, but it also encourages the development of new innovative products that make life easier and reflect the most sophisticated Italian trends. Original and imaginative ideas with intelligent solutions come from Peg Perego research. There are products for you and your family and your lifestyle. We invite you to enter the Peg Perego world and discover a more elegant, easier and more comfortable life with your child.


NUK products are intended for children from birth to school age and have been synonymous with quality, safety, practicality, simplicity and modern design for over 60 years. For more than 60 years, NUK has listened to experts: women, doctors, nutritionists, and especially mothers and fathers, in order to learn about the needs of children in those precious first years. We put effort into every day to find new solutions that make life easier for parents and encourage children to grow up.


There's a reason why Carter's is the leading children's clothing brand in the world today. Quality fabric, beautiful design and beautiful details create a brand that moms have trusted for generations. From their comfortable baby jeans to their practical baby pajamas, moms can count on Carter's because all of baby's needs come first. A baby-friendly feature is that the shoulders can be expanded and enable dressing over the baby's head. After establishing themselves as one of the leading companies in America, their challenge is increasing popularity in new markets in Europe and around the world.


Kanz is a German manufacturer of children's clothing known since 1949. Comfort and functionality combined with the latest children's fashion is synonymous with KANZ. KANZ products are medically tested, do not irritate the skin and are biocompatible. Aware of consumer needs, they are also developing a special line of baby products made from organically grown cotton. The success achieved by constantly listening to customers, insisting on the reliability and quality of its products, is reflected in the distribution of this brand in over 30 countries and more than 2,500 retail stores around the world.


Osh Kosh B'Gosh has been making fine quality clothing since 1895. They specialize in boys and girls clothing that is available worldwide. From playing at bedtime, in school and beyond, Osh Kosh strives to continue to produce “fun”, children's and baby clothes that are built to last.


Bubchen is a well-known, high-quality German baby care brand. The company believes that taking care of a baby is a matter of trust. Moms, pediatricians, dermatologists recommend Bubchen in Europe. Bubchen cosmetics for baby care offers products based on natural ingredients, including a large number of nourishing plant oils in combination with chamomile and calendula. All baby products are specially designed to protect and nourish baby's skin.


Designed to encourage baby development and alertness, TIGEX Baby Care products are adapted to each stage of their growth. Their saying - "Inspiring for the baby's well-being" aptly illustrates the company's mission: the desire to provide comfort and safety for the baby and parents.

To meet your needs as much as possible, all their products are designed with the help of experts: they include designers, baby care nurses, pediatricians, therapists...


The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic. Lena specializes in the production of high-quality plastic toys, toys that stimulate the child's development, as well as the mosaic line, which encourages the child's creativity.


Since 1949, the Fehn brand has stood for innovative and high-quality children's toys from birth onwards. Our products are very beautiful, soft and are an ideal gift for all little babies. With Baby Fehn toys, the child develops motor skills, imagination and stimulates his visual abilities, as well as the sense of hearing and touch. Safety and quality are the most important for this brand.

Only high-quality materials are used in production, and the toys are constantly controlled. In addition, all products are tested