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Spazio Boutique

Spazio Boutique is a specialized store where you can buy different types of coffee and accompanying coffee machines, as well as teas and chocolate treats.
The tradition of drinking coffee is widespread throughout the world, and in BiH it has a special dimension. Often times, the goal is not just drinking this delicious drink, it's more about talking, socializing and talking with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. This habit has its roots in our country since ancient times.

Spazio Boutique is something new on our market. Combining pleasure and need, they created a unique corner for all those for whom coffee in the morning, evening and afternoon is an opportunity for rest and pleasure. It is located in ARIA mall, on floor -1 next to Konzum, and the hot drinks that you drank in the Spazio cafeteria until now, you can now also buy in the Spazio Boutique and treat yourself to the pleasure at home.

To the satisfaction of users and connoisseurs of Manuel Caffé products, this coffee, recognizable by its quality and rich aroma, can also be found in the newly opened Spazio Boutique. In addition to coffee, you can also buy home coffee machines with accompanying accessories, as well as many types of Manuel teas and hot chocolates.

New on the market is the Italian brand Vannucci, whose assortment offers top quality chocolate and praline products. The Vannucci program includes a large number of different pralines and chocolates of 35g, 100g, 250g, 350g, 500g, 800g and 1kg of different flavors. Of all the products, we recommend handmade chocolates with hazelnuts, almonds and caramelized orange peel. Chocolate with 100% cocoa will soon be available.

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