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Kamer textile company was founded in 1994. The first item that is placed in the textile sector was a silk scarf. In a short time this brand has won great accolades, which continued its production and sales of scarves in Turkey.

In 2006, expanded its range of products starting with the production of garments for ladies. In the textile industry, a lot of attention drawn to the chain store, which soon spread within the country. Market position is strengthened, leading to a rapid expansion and brand recognition.

In 2008, he became the best-selling brand in the textile industry of silk scarves in Turkey.

Armine Bursa, was extended to the area of ​​9600 m2 with the technical zone to the manufacture of shawls.

The brand also has a plant dedicated to the production of clothing in Kâğıthane. Within the company has a team of 520 people.

Very stable and large companies developing since its founding in 2011, thanks to its current location, which is located at the central building Eyup.

Company Armine's advertises with 24 branches and 8 licensed from a total of 32 branches in the area of ​​9,697 m2.

Company Armine also offers online shopping, which offers customers the ability to find their desired product on our website.

Because the value of the companies possess, employees have undergone training to acquire certain skills such as communication skills and customer focus. Candidates are promoted with administrative competence, teamwork and training by the organization.

Armine brand for the first time appears in our region in January 2016. We are located on the first floor in ARIA mall.