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Penti is a brand that serves women throughout their life journey, able to fulfill the feminine and family needs of children or partners by offering the best product solutions that will allow women to improve their harmony and maximize the power of their femininity in their private life and in their relationship with society.

The role of the brand is to constantly inspire women throughout their lives, and establish a personal relationship and direct dialogue with them.

Perceiving the needs of the modern woman, the collections offer everything to emphasize your power, enthusiasm and attitude, wherever you are. From a piece of underwear to a soft sleeping program. The collections strive to make the everyday life of every mother, sister, wife, housewife, businesswoman, and what they really are, strong and unique, easier.

Find Penti on III. floor of ARIA mall, whose interior is decorated according to the latest standards, and offers a new, more intimate dimension of shopping. It will surely be a favorite choice, thanks to its unique quality and rich offer.