Today we are open from 10.00 to 18.00
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Kuća čaja

A first-class and fairytale Tea House has opened in ARIA mall, where you can find top-quality teas and phenomenal tea utensils.

Good encounters often begin with taking time, gathering, and showing interest in others. Visitors become acquaintances, and acquaintances turn into loyal guests, customers, partners and friends.

A unique place where tea lovers, and those who are about to become, can find more than 250 types of the highest quality teas from Japan, China, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa ... In the rich offer you can find pure teas in the leaf, as first-class blends are distinguished by exotic flavors and aromas of nature, from the farthest parts of the planet, and each of the teas has its own characteristic aroma, and at the same time a positive effect on health, for which teas are known around the world.

In addition to teas, customers in the Tea House can also find equipment for their proper preparation, serving and drinking, as well as get expert advice or suggestions from trained staff.

The attractiveness and uniqueness of our dishes and tea utensils and the teas themselves are the reason why our dear customers often choose them as gifts to their loved ones, family and friends. Join us now on an exciting, inspiring and informative journey of discovery through the world of 100% natural, EU certified products, where we will work with you to spread the culture of making and drinking tea.