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Imtec Computer & Technology

What we do:
We work hard to computers and technology make available to customers with more than they promise, and to offer them the best technology solutions for the progress of work.
We firmly believe that the people doing the work, not the company.

Where have we come from:

- 2004 - the opening of the first store and service of computers;

- 2005 - the launch of sales of desktop computers to order;

- 2007 - the opening of 4 shops;

- 2008 - expansion of operations to 10 stores and the opening of the first store in shopping malls;

- 2010 - Creation of the service IT equipment;

- 2011 - with 16 stores the market leader in PC software;

- 2012 - Creation of the sales of IT business solutions;

- 2013 - the establishment of production IMTEC brand computer and signing direct contracts for the sale and service of professional IT equipment.

Where are we now:

- We exist about 12 years and employ more than 100 of employee;

- With about 23 shops we are the largest retail chain, we have computer and technical equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

- the leader we are selling desktop and laptop computers and printers in retail in BiH;

- the leader we have in OEM sales of hardware and software in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

- the supply of IT services to over 2,000 business customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

on their own logistics associated area complete BiH;

- We are direct supplier of HP IT infrastructure solutions;

- We are direct supplier of Canon print solutions;

- We are directly supplier of OEM and Cloud solutions;

- We are direct supplier of Smart educational and presentation solutions.

Where we want to be:

- the leader in the delivery and development of IT products, services and solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

- The leader of the motivation, skills and education of our employees;

- High-quality supplier of high-quality services to end customers;

- Present on the regional market in the domain of the delivery of IT products and business solutions;

- the global presence in the field of IT products and services.