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The company Granoff was founded in 2003 as the first brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in men's high fashion. Since then, Granoff products suits, shirts and ties for special occasions. Granoff special attention to every detail, whether it is in the process of pants, coats, jackets or blazers.

The quality of our products has been recognized by many, so today we have customers around the world, in locations including Los Angeles California, London, Milan, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur ... Granoff employs young designers and professionals from the world of fashion, who learned of the excellent Italian fashion designers with whom our house is working closely.

Art beautiful clothes and suits, renovations and measure begins with a passion for design and production. We love the texture, color, mixing patterns and tailoring. If you are looking for a wedding dress, dress for prom night, for a night out or just like to be well dressed, then Granoff, a combination of design and eternal commitment to excellence, the right choice for you.

Granoffov style defines menswear for the next generation. Every collection incorporates a combination of traditional techniques of cutting, design and luxury fabrics, the perfect combination.

With creativity in the heart, Granoff likes to push the boundaries of men's clothing. To create a step further, adapted to the market and refresh the collection that are intended for all ages, we have launched a modern and elegant sports collection made of the finest materials from Italian factories. The suits are designed for cosmopolitans, people who love the classics, but who at the same time keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Prom Night

Especially to single out our collection of high school graduates.

How hard can it be a choice of clothing? The good news: formal dress is what I do. We are thinking of you in advance and we will be happy to take you through each step in choosing the perfect clothes for your prom (najljudu) night.

We offer an exclusive service dedicated to the unique, distinctive products are made with great attention to detail, giving the client endless inspiration and a chance to be your own creator personal style. Dress for prom night is fun. And, there is one simple tip that will, more than any other, guaranteed to be the best-looking guys: Stick to the classics, timeless elegance.

Visit our offices in Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar and Banja Luka. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you in choosing the best combination for you.

Desiring to'll go confidently in the direction of his dreams, Granoff you want to achieve them! Congratulations on graduating!