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In ARIA mall, one of the busiest places in Sarajevo, users of the portal have recently been able to buy coupons and even more easily get discounts of 50-90 percent on products, services, travel or meals in the most popular restaurants.

In addition to easier shopping and getting to the desired coupon, there are also news and great benefits for business partners. You can visit the Ekupon point of sale on floor 0 in the administrative part of ARIA mall near the BBI bank.

The point of sale with the slogan: "Walk, buy and save", located on the 0th floor (business part) of ARIA mall will make it easier for users to collect their coupons. Forget about bank commissions, forget about waiting for your eKredit to be topped up, all you have to do is visit ARIA mall and make a purchase.

Our friendly staff will enable you to view all active offers on your tablet and to decide on the purchase of the desired offer without pressure or haste. For any additional information, feel free to contact us at 062/703-195.

At this point of sale you will be able to:

Register to make a purchase,

Make an eCredit payment that will be immediately displayed on your profile,

Make a direct purchase of an active offer, and in addition you will receive an instant coupon so that you can immediately download the product or receive the service,

Get detailed information about all active offers and prices

Print a gift instant coupon - if you've done your shopping and didn't have time to print the coupon you want to give to your loved one, you can do it at the eKupon point of sale.