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Danish brand Ecco, known for the high quality, natural, superbly comfortable and flexible to wear, opened his first shop in Sarajevo.

Ecco has long been one of the world famous brands, which has already gained the trust of a large number of customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The popularity of the producers of premium footwear and leather goods daily growing, and why, to know best those who once enjoyed in the comfort footwear Ecco.

The key to the global success of the brand is the quality of materials and a special production process of shoes, regardless of whether it comes to the sport, casual or elegant style.

ECCO is also one of the five largest producers of skin in the world. In the process of manufacturing leather passes through the special treatment to obtain a distinctive softness, flexibility and water resistance.

The brand is also known for its production program intended for golfers, and the new concept of running shoes called BIOM, based on the natural movement of the foot.

From drawing the first sketches to the finished product presentations greatest attention of producers is focused on product quality and in this regard the company has strong, demanding and responsible.

Today, Ecco is present in over 50 countries worldwide with more than 1,000 of its stores.

To the satisfaction of their fans, Ecco Shop in ARIA mall in Sarajevo will delight you with a wide selection of footwear that stands out for its uniqueness and simply inspiring.