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The famous Italian brand Trussardi has opened in BBI Center. The new monobrand shop opened on the second floor and offers a luxurious range of clothing and accessories.

Trussardi has been a symbol of Italian quality and innovation for over 100 years, globally known for top quality, elegance and experimentation in the world of fashion and design.

The Tru Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans special line is now at your fingertips, as the group is constantly expanding its offerings with new collections. The Trussardi Collection is characterized by a style that is at once powerful and discreet, and a classic luxury that gives it a modern and original twist.

The design of this brand is extremely modern and sophisticated, perfectly blending seemingly incompatible combinations of fabrics and patterns, finding inspiration in the lives of the dynamic and creative people she follows on all occasions.

The special emphasis is on the luxurious, sophisticated and practical design of the bags that you can find in our offer, and please yourself and your loved ones. In the new shop you can find men's and women's wardrobe collection, shoes, bags, watches and many other accessories that make up fashion and style.

Visit the Trussardi shop and see for yourself: on the second floor in BBI Center in Sarajevo, and the friendly staff is waiting to help you choose the perfect outfit.