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Celje Jewelry

Since 1844, Celje Jewelry dictated fashion trends in jewelry design. The value and significance of our brand is based on the top design and high quality of the goldsmith's craftsmen who traditionally master the handmade design with modern technology.

Today, Celje Jewelry is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Europe with a widespread retail network, and has the brands Celje and Lencia.

We are proud and happy that you will wear jewelry that we have been prepared for you for a long time.


The wide offer of Jewelry Celje is intended for consumers of all generations. There are beautiful timeless designs from the gold collection, where you can choose between 14 and 18-carat gold and platinum.

All the braves, who would like to follow fashion trends, is dedicated to the silver collection Lencia. In the first place, we always have the desire and the needs of our customers, so we are ready to listen to the more demanding ones who can design our unique piece of jewelry with our team of designers. All the designs of the  Celje reflect the long tradition and experience of the goldsmiths in combination with the achievements of modern technology.


Lencia is a popular brand of European design by Celje which offers a flawlessly modern product. Its name justifies the quality of a higher price class of silver jewelry. Jewelry Lencia reflects a modern vision with a blend of modern technology and handcrafts.

In the production of new models, we apply and follow international trends. With the perfect design and use of modern technology we give our collections a touch of specialty and innovation. The brand Lencia represents Lencia watches, Lencia jewelry, Lencia Charms, Lencia beads and a line of jewelry made of steel Lencia S.